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May 2016 Update (Download Newsletter) - 

Hillary in Bogotá May 2016 • hmerwin@southamericamission.org

Faithful Family and Friends,
Let’s get right to the news:
On May 23rd, I will board a

ight to Bogotá, Colombia and enter back into ministry!

Ten months ago, upon returning to the U.S., my intention was to spend a short time in the states and continue the momentum by jumping straight back into life and ministry in Bogotá. But in October, the Lord made it clear this was not His timing. He gave me a strong sense that I needed to “hit the brakes.” I can’t pretend I took this change in plans well. I was overcome with anxiety, fear, and many questions.

But I began putting one foot in front of the other, seeking the Lord daily (some days more fervently than others), and reaching out to much wiser and seasoned missionaries who have since become invaluable mentors. Oh what a season of growth it has been! e Lord has been teaching me patience, trust, and surrender but not without rst showing me just how weak and helpless I am apart from him. It’s been a painful time, but one for which I am learning to be grateful.

About three weeks ago, my “next step” brought me to Fort Mill, South Carolina where I was welcomed into the South America Mission (SAM) home o ce community. e purpose of this transition was to seek the Lord’s will and timing, along with the SAM sta , for my going back to Colombia. During this period, I was able to work full-time in the o ce. Having been away from ministry longer than I had planned, I felt like I needed this transition to prepare myself before diving back in.

e ministry in Bogotá has grown since I’ve been gone; there are now 8 casas corazón (house churches) meeting regularly throughout the greater Bogotá area, a new Cueva (community house for adult orphans) just for girls, new

partnerships with a ministry for the Wayuu indigenous people on the northern coast, and so much more—all with which I’ll have to reacquaint myself when I return.

So while I move forward with a shaken con dence in myself, my con dence and trust in the Lord has reached a greater depth. It’s not something that happened in a day and it’s a process that (I pray) will continue into this new season of ministry in Bogotá. It is with fresh eyes, a new perspective, and a renewed and deepened trust in the Lord that I take this next step forward.

For those who have prayed, supported, encouraged, you’ve shown me the love of Christ and helped me keep going. ank you! is is truly a team e ort and I appreciate your patience and willingness to stay with me. You’ve continued pouring into an incredible work God is carrying out in Colombia through a spectacular team of individuals on the ground (with whom I cannot wait to reunite!).

Please pray for a smooth transition back into life and ministry in Bogotá, that I could reconnect with the team, and that my relationship with God would be strengthened.

If you have not yet and would like to partner with me nancially, go to: southamericamission.org and nd my pro le page by clicking “About” and “Our Team.”

It is with a deep gratitude that I return to the eld, knowing that it is not on my own strength. ank you for continuing on this journey with me. If you have any questions or would like to hear more, please feel free to send me a message at the email address listed above.



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