Our heart is to see the message for Christ reach to all areas of the World. One way we help to see this happen is by supporting various international ministries. Our support comes in a variety of ways including mission trips, financial giving, and most of all prayer. These are the missions we support and in some way are connected to The Remedy, by people who have formed deep and lasting friendships with those who continue to serve and call The Remedy home.

  • With Casas por Cristo Over the past three years we found ourselves desiring more and more to return to the work we loved so much at Casas. After much prayer and thought from both us and Casas, it seems as if that perfect window of opportunity has risen again. Roberta will be stepping back into her familiar role as Team Coordinator. She will be assisting with scheduling, ensuring that teams are prepared for their experience, and making sure that everything runs smoothly. I will be working in the Juárez field office, visiting families with their sponsoring pastor, as well as assisting with the day to day tasks around the Casas headquarters. Roberta will get to go on builds with me on occasion, but I will be our primary builder. I will be building roughly 15-20 homes per year between all of our locations. For more information about Casas por Cristo or to support Travis & Roberta, please click here. 

  • Two months into my six-month adventure in Colombia, I knew that any plans I had for the future had just been turned upside-down. Where I once saw myself serving in South America for a time only to return to the U.S. to find a job and settle back into my normal life, I now couldn’t envision that life. What started as a leap-of-faith decision to leave the country after I graduated now became a test of faith…what if God saw this journey as not-so-short-term? The peace that accompanied this revelation however was confirmation enough. A guiding force in my life has always been the saying, “Go where you see God working.” God is working everywhere but sometimes we need to go there and experience it before it seems real. But when we do, man does God show up. I went back to Colombia because I saw God doing incredible things through Jorge and Ginny’s ministry. And I’m going back a third time because he’s still doing amazing things and I don’t know about you, but when God calls you to be a part of that work, it doesn’t take much convincing. Although the decision and call to go back were clear to me, the plan and path ahead aren’t always so easy to discern. It’s hard to envision raising thousands of dollars in only a few months time but what I’ve learned is that God really doesn’t work according to my expectations. He likes to blow them out of the water, actually. To learn more about Hillary's mission or to support her click here. 

  • Building In Belfast We are excited to announce that in the autumn of 2014 we will be planting a Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered and socially-responsible church called Every Nation Belfast. As a church we are committed to reach the campus and community in the heart of Belfast city! We have a desire to connect with people far from God and point them to faith. Our passion is to reach and disciple the next generation of leaders that comes from a diverse, multigenerational multi ethnic group of people from different nations. Together we have a desire to reach Ireland and plant churches throughout Ireland and Europe and we are excited and privileged to be leading the church planting team in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Andrea is originally from Evansville, Indiana, USA and Johann was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Johann is also an Irish citizen that arrived in Ireland in 2001 as part of the church planting team from our Every Nation Church in London. Johann spend many years in the building and construction management industry constructing commercial buildings in Dublin city before God called him into full-time ministry in 2009. Johann and Andrea met each other at one of our Sunday morning services after Andrea decided to visit her Irish roots on a short trip from the USA. We had the privilege of helping pastor the Every Nation Dublin church for several years and are looking forward to continue building and partnering with the south. For more information about Every Nation, Belfast or to support Johann & Andrea, click here.   

  • The path to Darmstadt for Pastor Bob Marsh has been winding and full of diverse experiences. Feeling an initial call of God into missions at age 8, he felt specifically called to Germany at 14. In high school he studied German, and was convinced he would minister there one day.  Following graduation from St. Paul Bible College (now Crown College), and after 15 years in management with Marriott Corporation, Bob entered the ministry as a church planting pastor in Wisconsin.  He served as planter and pastor there for 16 years, during which time he coached other church-planting pastors, and was the leader of a regional church planting movement in the US. Finally arriving in Germany nearly 40 years after his initial call, today Bob serves as the church planter and pastor of Converge International Fellowship in Darmstadt, and serves as the Coordinator of the Church Planting Ministry Team and serves on the IBC Executive Committee of the International Baptist Convention.