fifth sunday

On the fifth Sunday of any given month, you won't find us in a building . This is a step for us to help keep our perspective off ourselves and on our community. We meet at our regular time (10:30) at the church and then break off into groups that head off around the city of Evansville to help make a difference. 

We only have a couple of rules about this experiment: 

  • 1. You can't sleep in and count it as a day off. (sorry) 
  • 2. You can't give your offering to the church. (find someone to bless) 

Our Fifth Sunday dates for 2019 are: 

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 29
  • December 29


We're so passionate about making Christ known that we want to think creatively about how we make that happen. One concept that we believe in is breaking down walls. In an effort to do that we count it a privilege to recommend some friends that are church planting in the Evansville area. We hope you check them out. Our desire is that you'll get plugged in where you need to be and ultimately that the Kingdom will grow through our collective work.

  • The Sojourn

    (East Evansville/Newburgh)

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  • Catalyst Church


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