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Remedy Kids is a Christ-Centered, Family-Centered ministry. We seek to present God's truth that kids ages 6-12 can relate to, so they may have the opportunity to build a firm foundation in Christ as they grow. Remedy Kids also seeks to equip families with resources to help connect, grow, and build a Christ-Centered family. 

What to expect

  • Prayer Your child will have the opportunity to share prayer requests and praises with others. 
  • Word Each week, your child will be presented truth with a Bible lesson.
  • Game/craft Your child will have the opportunity to share his/her artistic talents while interacting with other children their age through fun activities.
  • Each fifth Sunday Your child has the opportunity to serve other kids their age through various projects
  • Special Events Your child throughout the year will have the opportunity to participate in various events like kids night, day at the pool, and family fun days. 


      Each week your child will be sent home with a overview of the lesson for the week. Along with the paper is a parent resource page, so parents and kids can have an open talk about Jesus throughout the week.

If you have any questions, contact our Remedy Kids Leader - Brittan Stay Connected By Visiting Our Facebook Page

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